Royal Edicts for Summer 2020

Hrafnarfjall Gazette

On Wednesday evening, the Crown of Hrafnarfjall issued a collection of documents that had been issued over the Summer of 2020. These included Royal Edicts, and Imperial Edict and recent laws changing the Citizenship and Immigration Laws of the Kingdom. The collection can be found linked below;

Imperial Edict 20-07-01 (The Imperial Government and Granting of Titles):

Royal Edict 20-05-01 (Adoption I):

Royal Edict 20-05-02 (Adoption II):

Royal Edict 20-05-03 (Adoption III):

Royal Edict 20-05-04 (Titles and Styles of the Royal Family):

Royal Edict 20-05-05: Rescinded

Royal Edict 20-05-06: Rescinded

Royal Edict 20-05-07 (Summary Judgement on James Christian):

Royal Edict 20-07-01 (King’s Aide de Camp):

Royal Edict 20-10-01 (King’s Principal Aide de Camp):

Royal Edict 20-10-02 (Exile and Dissolution of Territory):

Royal Edict 20-10-03 (Flag Day and National Artefacts):

Royal Edict 20-10-04 (National Languages):

Royal Edict 20-10-05 (Births, Deaths and Marriages):

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